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CDTI, the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development belonging to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, approved in 2008, a R&D project solicited by Mundimold for the design and development of high performance moulds, with a value of 1,450,000 Euros.

The R&D+i Department is the most important at Mundimold. The job of analysis and research before manufacturing a mold is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the best final products.

Structural analysis, savings in production costs, extension of the average life of the product, Modflow analysis, error prevention, resistance testing for heat, cold, and weight. To carry out this analysis in Mundimold we use the latest technology the most suitable computer software. To achieve this we have available to us:
CAD/CAM technology (Computer Assisted Design & Computer Assisted Manufacturing), with Pro-engineer software for automated solid modeling with learning software.
CAE Technology (Computer Assisted Engineering), for realizing Modflow analysis, structural, cinematic and collision analysis.
CAF Technology (Computer Assisted Flow), for the flow analysis of the manufacturing process and the optimizing of production times.
TER technology, to identify the areas with temperature problems.

Information Management: system developed with personalized user name and password to achieve secure communication with the client, who can check at all times the progress of their project.

The engineers and technicians of the R&D+i Department carry out all the studies and analysis’ of the molds, without intermediaries, and with direct contact with the client, with the objective of saving time, reducing costs and future maintenance. We also carry out studies on our own products, whose ultimate result has been the creation of an “Ultra Light Agricultural Box”, being disposable and weighing only 700 gr.

Mundimold has created a new department of R&D+i for the development of new products and new technologies in Milan, Italy.

In addition to our research work we also collaborate with technological institutions and international companies, such as Brush Wellman and Hitachi to improve molds and processes.