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  • The adoption of solar photovoltaic technology allows Mundimold S.A. improve your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint

Mundimold S.A, leader in the metal sector in the manufacture of injection molds in Europe and America, has decided to bet on sustainable technology to provide itself with self-generated photovoltaic energy by installing solar panels at its headquarters in Ribarroja del Turia in Valencia. (Spain).

This plan is an example of how companies can adopt technology to reduce their environmental impact and improve energy efficiency.

Solar panels are an increasingly popular technology around the world thanks to their ability to produce clean, renewable energy by transforming sunlight into electricity, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and helping to mitigate climate change.

Mundimold S.A. has decided to use this technology to reduce its electrical energy consumption by installing photovoltaic solar panels covering its entire industrial structure. This will allow the company to generate up to 100% of the electrical energy it consumes, which is a great step towards energy sustainability.

This Mundimold S.A. Sustainability plan is an example of how companies can adopt technology to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. Companies can use technology to optimize their processes and reduce their consumption of natural resources, allowing them to save money and improve their competitiveness in the market. More and more consumers are looking for responsible companies committed to the environment, and the adoption of sustainable technologies can help companies meet this demand.